Our newest advanced program, Advanced Pattern Management, teaches creative approaches for problem-solving blood glucose variance.

People with diabetes behave and make decisions every day that affect their glycemic control. They come to you, their health care provider, with their blood glucose logs. Or not! Maybe they are not checking their blood glucose! Or they are, but have no idea why! Or how to interpret the results! Or they are frustrated and can’t figure things out, and ask for your expertise to guide them to adjust their diabetes management actions! They want to rebalance!

How confident are you with assessing blood glucose patterns and determining how to help people rebalance their blood glucose levels to live well with diabetes?

Blood glucose pattern management is a powerful way to educate, communicate, and bring about change for improved diabetes management. These actions are the key to managing glycemic control.

This program will review what blood glucose pattern management is, take an in-depth review of non-insulin and insulin variables influencing blood glucose, and discuss how to systematically assess, determine if, and priorize what could be adjusted for the greatest impact. We will discuss how to integrate education about glycemic-related problem-solving skills into your practice.

Our team of experts will engage your learning with: interactive presentations summarizing current evidence in the literature, real-life case studies, and small group discussions to apply concepts in real world situations. There will be breakout sessions on the unique considerations for kids, pregnant women, and older adults with diabetes.

If you are not altogether confident with deciphering blood glucose patterns, and to find out what’s really going on, then please join us. We will all learn together. If you have a case or situation in your practice that you’d like some help with, please describe it with your question(s), and forward it to our program team. We will incorporate select submitted cases into our discussions.

Please contact us for upcoming programs.