One of the most useful courses that I have ever taken in that all of it was applicable to my work/need.
I truly learned so much in this program. The speakers are inspiring and obviously teaching is their passions. Great conference.
Solidified what I know; enhanced what I needed to know more about; identified areas of practice where I need more practice/experience.
Dietitian, Toronto
Excellent! All of it—excellent course and a lot less threatening than I had expected it to be. Very comprehensive. Thank you for a great week of learning!
This was an excellent course. Presenters were excellent—very engaging!
All the information was relevant and interesting and applicable to my practice. It was presented and organized well. Covered many aspects. I thoroughly enjoyed it all. Time flew by.
Pharmacist, Vancouver
The most worthwhile for me was the information sharing from all guest speakers and organizations..
CHR, Toronto
The interactions and discussions were most worthwhile.
Social Worker, Toronto
Usually conferences drag on, but this course I couldn’t wait until the next day. Thank you so much!
Blood-glucose pattern management was amazing and very valuable.
The whole program was full of information that I will use in my practice!
The course gave me a renewed confidence that I can do this!
Presenters are knowledgeable. They simplified concepts and had a lot of real world practice tips.
Dietitian, Winnipeg
I very much appreciated the emphasis on key points and not over emphasis on the stats, the nitty-gritty. The course brought the essential and practical to the table and it makes diabetes a condition that is more personalized rather than just about the guidelines and statistics.
Pharmacist, Vancouver