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Kinghooper Diabetes Education combines your learning needs with our excellence, passion, and partnerships, to help you understand diabetes management and education. We serve health professionals and laypeople alike. Our clients include major pharmaceutical companies, Health Canada, and tribal councils.

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No, not at all. In addition to registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and licensed practical nurses, we have many dietitians, pharmacists, school nurses, community nurses, physicians, public health workers, mental health and social workers, and others who encounter people affected by diabetes attend our programs. We have even had police officers attend!

The answer is generally yes, but it depends on the location of the program and your professional licensure. See the FAQ for each specific program for details. Everyone will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the program.

The programs overall are similar. However, Becoming a Diabetes Educator focuses on the US health care system, whereas the Diabetes Educator Course focuses on the Canadian health care system. These two different focuses take into consideration the respective national standards and guidelines for diabetes management and education, and preparation for the Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) examination offered by the NCBDE in the US vs the CDECB in Canada.

Our Blood Glucose Pattern Management program is an advanced program for health professionals actively working with people with diabetes.

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At this time, we do not live broadcast or offer video playback of our programs over the internet.

The short answer is absolutely yes. Send us a note to let us know where you are located. We will need your help to make sure that we have enough participants, and we can customize our program for you if you have an existing group.

Yes, we can. If you have an existing group needing some or all of the content from any program, or to address your specific learning needs, we can customize a workshop for you, and present it at your facility or a nearby venue. Contact us so that we can explore this further with you.

When programs are held at hotels, we negotiate a discounted rate for you when you stay at the same hotel. See the FAQ for your specific program for details.

No, registrations cannot be transferred.

Refunds are possible with sufficient notice. See the FAQ for your specific program for details.